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The Law Office of Chad M. Mandell was founded to give clients their best shot at winning, personalized service, and custom pricing options – including contingency fee arrangements on certain matters. Mr. Mandell has been winning cases for 15 years and has secured tens of millions of dollars for his clients. While no result can be guaranteed, we are dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure our clients’ success. Call now to learn what we can do for you.

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Mr. Mandell is an experienced attorney who provides high-end litigation and counseling services across various fields of law. We have successfully handled matters in the following areas of law. Call today to learn how we may assist you.

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The Law Office of Chad M. Mandell offers high-end legal representation across various the fields of law, including personal injury, business, commercial, intellectual property, privacy, and employment. We are known for our aggressive, goal-oriented approach to litigation and our commitment to maintaining the highest level of customer service to our clients.

The Law Office of Chad M. Mandell is synonymous with trust and reliability in the legal industry. The Firm was founded to give clients their best shot at winning, premier legal talent, and custom pricing options, including contingency fee arrangements in certain matters. Our top credentials, exceptional experience, and knowledge have helped us win countless legal disputes and eliminate stress from even the most chaotic of legal situations with proven litigation strategies. Our dedication to our clients is, simply put, second to none. Call now to learn how we may help you.

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